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Pep Guardiola's Getting Worried...

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When you think of Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola, you normally think of a sublimely cool individual, unruffled by victory or defeat. After the 1-0 loss to Chelsea last Wednesday, Barcelona's players grumbled about the injustice of the result. Not so Guardiola, who rained down praise on the Blues for a disciplined, efficient performance.The 41-year-old is renowned for oozing class, showing respect to everyone around him, and remaining calm.

That's what makes his performance in today's press conference so strange. Instead of the assured display most were expecting, we got a tense, angry coach answering the press' questions. He even swore! Admittedly, I would too if I was managing Barcelona and was asked about Cristian Tello after Saturday, but this is... well, it's out of character, and it looks for all the world that, despite Guardiola's optimistic words, he's as scared for tomorrow's match as we are.

Hopefully his players are too. Although we'd all like this win, we're the underdogs and don't have much to lose. Barcelona are scared of being knocked off their little pedestal. We've showed them that they're not invincible, and now they're frightened. Maybe that'll give us enough of an edge to finish the job on Wednesday.

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