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Your Sunday Open Thread / Jonny Evans Appreciation Society Meeting

Very little of the actual football on tap today affects Chelsea in any tangible way, so just talk amongst yourselves.

Both Manchester teams are in action, United at home to Everton up first, followed by City's visit to Wolves...but realistically, the title won't be decided until next week's head-to-head clash of epic proportions.

While Dortmund have already clinched in Germany and Real Madrid have practically done the same in Spain, the title races in Italy (where AC Milan and Juventus are separated by just 1 point) and France (where Carlo Ancelotti is trying to avoid the embarrassment of losing out on the title to Montpellier) are just heating up. All three of the teams mentioned have some business to take care of today in their respective home fixtures.

But first...the quote you're about to read is based on a true story.

...there were never any doubts in my mind about Evans [...] he's been a top player for us this year. There is no doubt he has been helped playing alongside the experience of Rio and he is now arguably the best defender in the country.

-Source: The Guardian

When I first read that, I was not sure whether to laugh, cry, respectfully disagree, or just stare dumbfounded at my screen. On second read, I added some emphasis (completely ignoring the cheap safety valve of the "arguably" qualifier) and made a quick list of some things I consider better at defending than Jonny Evans. Feel free vote after the jump for your favorite (be that based on skill, hair, bear sounds, etc.) and/or suggest other alternatives in the comments.

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