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Drogba's Agent Talks About Didier's Future

The best thing about Drogba is that we know he'll play himself into the ground for the club.
The best thing about Drogba is that we know he'll play himself into the ground for the club.

L'Equipe, the French newspaper, is today running some quotes about Chelsea's resident battering ram, Didier Drogba, whose future beyond this season is extremely vague. Didier's contract with Chelsea expires at the end of the season, and there's been very little in the way of rumours or reports from the media to suggest that there are any negoitations occuring, therefore somewhat suggesting that the Ivorian won't be at Stamford Bridge come the 2012/13 season. Here's what his agent had to say:

"What Didier is showing right now may lead the club to think again. Didier loves Chelsea, he wants to stay but if it doesn't work out he'll leave. We have many offers. One thing is sure: if Didier is still in England next season it will be with Chelsea and nobody else."

It's hard to argue that Drogba has been putting in some absolutely sterling performances lately for Chelsea, particularly in their big European games, and you'd have to be fairly cold-hearted to not have a little voice inside your head that wants to see him hang around a bit longer and do it to some more opponents. I'm not surprised that Drogba wants to stay, but like the agent says, there's plenty of teams that would be interested in his talents. It's also really assuring that Drogba won't be jumping to another English ship; there were some whispers that Ferguson was interested in him as a free agent, but clearly loyalty still counts in Didier's book.

I'm fairly torn between what I want to happen next. Didier's a top, top striker, and it would be a big gamble to either place more reliance on the inconsistent Fernando Torres or bring in a new striker for a bit of money - money Chelsea could use to strengthen other areas. Then again, Abramovich seems keen on a youth movement at Chelsea, and at 34, Drogba's hardly a spring chicken; and his reportedly massive wages are a bit of concern, especially as any new contract would count towards FFP (in contrast to his previous deal, which didn't).

Seeing as I can't make my mind up, vote in this poll and share your views in the comments.

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