Oriol Romeu Interview Translated to English

Oriol Romeu recently did an interview in Spanish, and fearless leader Graham asked us to translate it to English manually. There's some very interesting stuff here (after the jump).

** Translation work credit to Habana and TheRamster **

Question: Did the idea that for the first time in your life you could celebrate a Barcelona defeat come to your mind?

Answer: Yes, ever since I left Barca I knew this could happen.

Q: Why did you leave the Catalan club?

A: Because the offer came from Chelsea. I would not have gone if not for the interest of a great team. I thought it was good for my career, that it would be a big leap sporting wise. I came to learn and even if I haven’t played recently, I do not regret this step because I found what I wanted. Barca understood me and helped me. Despite my departure I will be forever grateful to Barcelona.

Q: You have said that the difference between both teams is that Barcelona is a feeling and Chelsea a business…

A: No, I’ve never said that!! Have you seen one of our games, do you think there are no feelings there. For money I would have gone somewhere else.

Q: Did you leave to return?

A: No, I came to grow as a player. It is not my objective to return to Barcelona, I want to forge a place at Chelsea to ultimately become an important player. I’ve only been here a few months, so I have to be patient.

Q: Has the coach explained why he doesn’t play you?

A: No, he doesn’t have to. At Chelsea, just like at any other team, when you don’t deserve to play you don’t play, I just need to show more in training

Q: You already shared a locker with Messi, Xavi, and now with Lampard, Terry, Drogba….. Is the English one more hierarchised?

A: No I don’t think so. At Barca, there are a lot of homegrown players so most are of the same age, it’s different…..Here it’s different as there are few youth players and a lot have come from abroad. But just everywhere, veterans rule the locker room. It’s evident that Terry is a captain and more. But you shouldn’t think the veterans don’t talk to us or help us, in the contrary when I arrived they helped me a lot. John Terry comes to cheer me up when I don’t play, I could say he was captain from the beginning.

Q: Does he dispatch orders a lot?

A: In the club Roman Abramovich does it, but in the field Terry does it a lot. Fortunately I haven’t had a confrontation with him, but I’ve seen some pheeeeeeeeeeeew….

Q: Do you know Abramovich?

A: I’ve met him once, and the day he came to tell us Villas-Boas was not in charge anymore and that Di Matteo was the new coach, he was affected, you could see it in his face.

Q: Has the team philosophy changed a lot?

A: We’re possibly more direct and more aggressive, but our playing pattern hasn’t changed. We went through many matches, so our confidence has grown.

Q: What do you think about Fernando Torres?

A: He’s good, very good. Had a bad scoring record, but he has scored and now that is over. He is a very important player. I am very fortunate to have him and Mata in the team, they help me a lot.

Q: What does Juan Mata bring to Chelsea?

A: Talent, imagination, creativity, surprise… He is very different from the players the English are used seeing here.

Q: Seems like today’s game is about two different styles?

A: Yes, very different. We both want to score in our own way, we are an offensive team, the difference is in intensity, it is a British thing. Here it is go, go, go… Is a very demanding rhythm where you’re always going forward, I’m sure Barcelona will find it hard to cope with.

Q: Is Sergio Busquets your reference?

A: Busquets is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, he’s very smart tactically, and his very good positioning permits him to execute quick plays perfectly. He is a reference for anybody that plays the position.

Q: Where were you the day Andres Iniesta scored at Stamford Bridge?

A: Watching it on TV with a few teammates, not sure where but it wasn’t in La Masia

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