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Chelsea 1, Barcelona 0

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Chelsea beat Barcelona thanks to a really fantastic defensive display and five seconds of brilliance from Frank Lampard, Ramires, and Didier Drogba. I don't really have my words right now because I'm dancing around like a lunatic, but they say a picture's worth one thousand words and so animated .gifs must be worth millions. With that in mind, here's a couple of million words about this game:


Snack on that one for lunch, yo. It may be the first leg, and we still have 90 minutes left to play, but we've just beaten Barcelona 1-0 in a Champions League semifinal. No other team has defeated Pep Guardiola's Barcelona at home in a knockout match without conceding an away goal. This was special, and no matter what happens at the Camp Nou, we've just had ourselves an unforgettable night at Stamford Bridge.

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