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Petr Cech, Frank Lampard And Co. Model Supposed New Home Kit

Chelsea are going to release the new home kit in the morning, but it looks like some sneak peeks are leaking onto the internet already. No, they're nothing like the mockups from a few months back:

(photo via @chelstransfer)

If legit - and we'll find out pretty soon if they are - the kits represent a marked departure from the ones we've had in recent years. My first impression is that I like them quite a bit. Gold is a nice colour with our shade of blue, and adidas haven't gone over the top with crazy patches and stripes everywhere. Instead, it's a just a classy-looking kit, with some fun-looking detail on the blue that will only be visible from up close.

The goalkeeper incarnation is nowhere near as amazing as the white version Petr Cech's been sporting this year, of course, but we can't have everything. Anyway, I'm sure my opinion is hardly universal, so give your opinion on the supposed 2012/13 kit in the comments.

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