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What's In A Goal? Chelsea's Top Contributors So Far In 2011/12

John Obi Mikel's first rule: When in doubt, do a jig.
John Obi Mikel's first rule: When in doubt, do a jig.

Chelsea have scored 71 goals across all competitions this season, and while we're familiar with the top scorers I thought it would be a fun little exercise to take a look at goals plus assists for each player and see how often they contributed to the team scoring (i.e. the percentage of goals plus assists out of total team goals). No, it's not really a scientific study or anything of the sort, but the numbers are pretty interesting nonetheless and they paint a broad picture of each player's contribution to the team's scoring charts. Let's dive in after the jump.

#5 - Ramires (15.5%)

Ramires probably isn't the sort of player you'd expect to see on this list. In his first season in the Premier League, the midfielder struggled mightily and ended up tallying just two goals and one assist with the Blues. In his sophomore campaign, he's blown those numbers out of the water, scoring eight times and providing three assists to give Chelsea some much-needed thrust from the midfield. If he improves his finishing, Ramires will become even more dangerous on the counterattack.

#4 - Fernando Torres (16.9%)

Although most would argue that it's the role of a centre forward to score goals, Torres has actually been reasonably useful on the attack, contributing not insignificantly to Chelsea's season thanks to his eight assists and four goals. No, he's not scoring near as often as anyone would like, and he's blowing far too many easy chances, but at least he's been doing something right out there. Ish.

#3 - Daniel Sturridge (21.1%)

Although Sturridge's streaky form suggests that the striker still has plenty to learn about the sport, his threat is undeniable. Handed the starter's role on the right wing, Sturridge has responded with eleven goals and four assists and for a long spell was the team's most potent attacking force. He's still yet to score with Fernando Torres on the pitch, and as a result of Didier Drogba's excursion to the Africa Cup of Nations his contributions to the team recently have dried up a little bit. Getting Sturridge back as a regular on the scoresheet will be one of Roberto di Matteo's primary goals for the rest of the season.

#2 - Frank Lampard (25.4%)

That doesn't look particularly washed up to me. 33-year-old Frank Lampard is Chelsea's leading scorer in all competitions this season, notching twelve goals and six assists to have a hand in more than a quarter of the club's goals this year. Not bad for a man that's seen significant time on the bench, right? His all-round play might be subject to some criticism every now than then, but Lampard, the only player in Premier League history to notch nine straight double-digit goal seasons, is still one of the most potent goal threats the Blues can deploy.

#1 - Juan Mata (29.6%)

It's been one heck of a debut season for Juan Mata. Chelsea's main creator is also one of the team's top three scorers as well. Mata's recorded eleven assists and ten goals so far this year, contributing to a whopping 29.6% of the club's tallies, and even though his form has taken a dip across the past few months, Mata's still been on hand to score several vital goals, showcasing attacking instincts that one might not have expected out of the diminutive winger.

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