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Great news: Club freezes ticket prices for next season

Some good off-field news for the first time in a while.

Chelsea announced today that there will be no rise in ticket prices for the upcoming 2012-13 season. This includes all seats at Stamford Bridge, including the hospitality area.

Prices for all categories of Barclays Premier League games (AA, A and B) will remain the same as the current 2011/12 season. The long-standing policy of discounted tickets for FA Cup and Carling Cup matches continues as prices for those competitions will also be frozen.

The one change to pricing occurs should we qualify for the Champions League. Group stage match tickets will be reduced to £35 for adults and £17.50 for seniors/juniors from their current prices of £40 and £20 respectively (East Lower Family Centre tickets for group stage games next season would be £35 adults, £15.50 seniors/juniors).

It's great to see the club reacting to this worrisome economic climate by enacting a freeze on domestic competitions. The reduction in Champions League pricing is a further example of good business here. Of course, we have to qualify for the UCL for this drop to go into effect, which may prove problematic.

Even that mug Ron Gourlay offered some good insight on the decision:

The club has taken the decision not to increase prices for the coming season as we deeply appreciate our loyal following at Stamford Bridge and feel this is the right approach to take in the current economic conditions where budgets may be under pressure.

Well played, Chelsea.

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