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Arsenal Need To Teach Wojciech Szczesny Some Manners

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Dear Wojiech Szczesny: Shut up.

I think some of the English players at Chelsea run the club, pretty much. They have had seven managers [since 2007] and it's a little bit different [at Arsenal]. I don't think there has ever been danger of chaos with us this season. It's completely different at this club.

I'm not really sure what's possessing Arsenal's young goalkeeper to comment publicly about Chelsea so often (remember his Twitter comments mocking Ashley Cole following the loss to Everton on penalties last season?), but he's doing it again, and it's starting to get annoying. I've always felt that talking about other teams, as a player, is the height of bad manners, but apparently in Szczesny-land it's entirely cool voice his disapproval over how Chelsea are run.

It's not as though he's in the know at Cobham, either. He doesn't have any international teammates on the squad, so there's not any gossip going around the Poland team about how horrible the environment at Chelsea is or anything like that. His comments, at best, are a third-hand characterisation, and it's unbecoming of an Arsenal starter to be voicing opinions like that in public, even if you agree with them.

I'm not going to fire back with any of the many tools in my 'let's troll Szczesny' box, because I don't really think this is a fight worth having. All I'll say is that this isn't the way for a goalkeeper of his talent to be behaving, especially one that plays for a club with the pedigree of Arsenal.

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