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Roberto Di Matteo Confirms John Terry Return

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Perhaps this isn't actually news, but hey. I've been travelling for a silly amount of time, so y'all can forgive me being behind. At any rate, it sounds like Chelsea will be back to full strength soon, as John Terry returns to full fitness two weeks after a knee operation that was supposed to have kept him out for more than a month.

John has done very well and is determined to help the club, and we're pleased to see him. He's available [to start the weekend match against Stoke City]. We have to take him with small steps because he's done well to come back in just over two weeks. But it was good to see him.

-Roberto di Matteo. Source: Mail.

While it doesn't sound like Terry will be thrown straight back into the fray, we'll soon have a regular selection dilemma at centre back again (this is a good thing, of course). David Luiz and Gary Cahill have been reasonably solid in their time together, but a healthy John Terry should be one of the first names on Chelsea's teamsheet. What defensive pairing would you use for the rest of the season, assuming everyone's available?