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Initial reaction: Chelsea FC 2 - Birmingham City 0

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It feels good to win again, doesn't it? Let's just let the feeling sink in for a minute.

Without a doubt today was a big game for Chelsea. It always is after you make a mid-season managerial change. No matter what Di Matteo decided to do he was going to have to play someone that had been performing poorly, because frankly we just didn't have eleven players who have been good lately. There was also some question of whether the FA Cup is still a real priority, as we just don't know what the board has laid out for RDM to try to accomplish this season. Regardless of all that though, a win is a win. My initial thoughts:

  • Chelsea were actually fun to watch today. They were hustling, looked pretty good in possession, and were generally fighting for everything. I don't know why we weren't doing that under AVB, but it's certainly not all on the manager.
  • Raul Meireles was very, very good today. When he just makes the simple quick pass he's far more effective than when he tries to get cute. Keep it simple stupid...great words to live by.
  • John Obi Mikel was also fantastic. Anybody who claims all he does is pass side to side really just hasn't watched him play enough. Some of his through balls were outstanding.
  • Fernando Torres might be the most polarizing player ever. After we scored he looked fantastic for the most part, before the Mata goal I was ready to make him into glue. I really hope Di Matteo understands that he's going to be totally worthless against teams packing the box (Stoke, Napoli) but he can be lethal when teams actually have to try to score.
  • I don't know who should be taking penalties. Ugh.
  • Ryan Bertrand better not be in the basket anymore. Fantastic. The play of he and Ivanovic was noticeably better than we've seen out of our fullbacks for weeks.
  • We'll have more for you later, but for now let the good feeling sink in and vote for the MotM. Enjoy, and congratulations to Roberto on win #1.

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