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Ramires extends with Chelsea FC

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Not too many players have done much to earn a longer stay at Stamford Bridge this season, but Ramires has been one that can certainly say that he has. Luckily for him, the club seems to be in agreement. According to a release from the club today, Ramires and Chelsea have reached an agreement that will see his contract extended until June of 2017. Ramires had the following comment:

I am very happy with my new contract. I am very happy with the support I have playing for this club so I want to say thank you to Chelsea.

There's no word yet on the wages, but one would have to believe that the young Brazilian will be making a little more money now. Ramires was set to see his contract expire in June of 2014, so this will see him stay in London for another three seasons. He'll now be 30 years old when his contract expires, so we'll be lucky enough to have him locked up through the prime years of his career. Congratulations Ramires, and thanks for staying.