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Agent: Fernando Torres To 'Evaluate Future', Was Ignored By Villas-Boas

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There've been a lot of rumours regarding the future of Fernando Torres recently, with the striker connected with the likes of Roma and Juventus and, more recently, the subject of a supposed €40M push by Russian outfit Anzhi Makhachkala. I wouldn't bet on the 28-year-old going anywhere (although I'd bite their hand off if that rather implausible-sounding offer from Anzhi turns out to be true), and Torres' agent has decided to calm down some of the rumour-mongering:

We know the new American project at Roma and the philosophy of manager Luis Enrique, but if Roma want Fernando they will have to talk with Chelsea

The Italian championship is of a good standard, but there are currently no discussions with Roma or Juventus. Fernando has another four years on his contract at Chelsea and the situation there has changed for him. With (Andre) Villas-Boas he was not considered, but the arrival of Di Matteo on the bench has seen him rediscover his confidence.

He played a great match in the Champions League in Lisbon (against Benfica), assisting the winning goal for (Salomon) Kalou. We'll evaluate his future in the coming months.

-Antonio Sanz, Torres' agent. Source: via Sky Sports.

Well then. Am I the only one who finds that set of quotes incredibly weird?

I know it's the agent's job to paint things in the best possible light for his client, but in what planet was Andre Villas-Boas at fault for Torres' struggles? We've seen this with Salomon Kalou as well, but at least the Ivorian seemed to have something of a point - he wasn't playing under Villas Boas, and now he is with Roberto di Matteo at the helm. Torres was always playing, and he was mostly bad.

I mean, it might just be that Torres didn't like the manager at all, which seems to be a trend among Chelsea players, but it's weird to see Villas-Boas get hammered for something that wasn't at all his fault. I guess it's cool to rip on the Portuguese now that Chelsea have gotten rid of him, but it'd be nice if we could criticise him for things he actually did wrong (and there are plenty of examples, to be fair) rather than those he didn't.

Also, 'we'll evaluate his future in the coming months'? What the heck, guys. Torres is being paid a fortune to play for Chelsea and the club has stuck by him after more than a year of struggles and are still yet to reap any sort of reward. It'd be super if y'all realised that it's the club who need to be 'evaluating his future'.

If Chelsea do receive a big bid over the summer, Torres should be shown the door for purely economic reasons, as we've discussed in the past. In the meantime, the club should be giving him every chance to succeed. That's what they're doing. That's what they're always done. Torres and his management criticising the team for a lack of support is deeply, deeply weird. And a little bit annoying, to boot.

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