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Chelsea News And Links - Thursday 29th March

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This picture is <em>begging </em>to be captioned in the comments.
This picture is begging to be captioned in the comments.

I'll admit it - I'm really going to struggle keeping this as a daily thing. You'll have to forgive me by way of accepting sporadic updates on interesting stuff around the web, and I'll do my best to aim at times where breaking news is at a lull. The wait between Benfica and Villa couldn't drag on any slower, so here's a fresh dumping of linkage...


Chelsea make fresh bid for Gianfranco Zola to join backroom staff | Mail Online

Villas-Boas at Barcelona B
This is in Spanish, so for the non-Iberian amongst us, basically the ex-Chelsea boss is not sitting in some cave somewhere muttering and twitching about the state of Raul Meireles, but rather getting out and around to some games (the article mentions his appearance at Real Madrid as well). Villas-Boas was always very vocal of his admiration of Barcelona's methods, so it's no surprise to see him take in the latest talent off the conveyor belt that is La Masia.

The rumours we all love; that is, the ones with no sources, no quotes, no...nothing.

Chelsea reopen talks over Hulk with Porto | Mail Online

Football transfer rumours: Demba Ba to Chelsea? |

Raul Meireles wanted by Juventus | Mail Online

Chelsea make fresh bid for Gianfranco Zola to join backroom staff | Mail Online

I mean, some of these might actually make sense, but it's the way they are reported that makes them so hard to take seriously. In particular, the one about Hulk says Chelsea were prompted to re-negotiate by their away game in Portugal. If we really sort our transfers out through being reminded geographically, I'm really concerned about the way our club is run.

David Luiz

David Luiz now a cornerstone of Chelsea's future - Telegraph
Incredible! A journalist gives David Luiz credit for his greatly improved performances!


An Opinion On Football Statistics and Ryo Miyaichi - The Short Fuse

In-Depth: Why Are Liverpool Struggling? | The Tomkins Times | Paul Tomkins' blog about Liverpool Football Club (LFC)
Excellent piece on a team that we can take comfort in being even worse than we are.


Reviewed: '50 Teams That Mattered', by David Hartrick -

Wayne Rooney says sorry to fan after breaking wrist with shot | Mail Online
I've always thought that football is an extremely dangerous pasttime, not for the psychological damage but rather the extreme pain that one can be subjected to if there is a wayward shot. I imagine we are lucky that no one has been murdered by an Alex freekick yet.

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