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Petr Cech is Not So Keen on Hot European Thursday Nights


Hloupý. That's how you say 'silly' in Czech. Petr Cech knows this, he's Czech. He is also silly.

You might be wondering, why is Petr Cech silly? Is it because his last name sounds so much like his nationality? Or because he's 8 feet tall? Or perhaps it's because he lost an 'e' from his first name? Actually, that last one's quite visionary, clearly predating Tumblr, Flickr, and other such silly Web 2.0 naming constructs by several years. Well done, Petr Cech's fathr and Petr Cech's mothr!

Anyway, silly. Hloupý. Petr Cech is silly because he claims that Chelsea outside the top four means a 'lost year' for the club:

"It would be a year lost in the progression of the club [...] For a big club, you can accept that the team does not win the league because it is in transition, but you cannot afford to slip out of the Champions League spot. The big teams are about the Champions League."

While I don't think Petr literally means that we'd lose a year, Daylight Savings-style, I do think he's taking a rather narrow-minded approach to all this.

Think of all the wonderful places you'd get to visit, Petr!

The Champions League is soooo boring. Aren't you tired of having to fly to big European cities all the time? I mean, Barcelona, again? Really? it's not like they finished that crazy upside-down church of theirs yet! Aren't you tired yet of the hustle & bustle of such major metropolitan centers as Paris or Madrid or Moscow?

Instead, you'd get to visit small islands in Denmark or in the Faroes, or tiny (probably) back-water (assumed) villages (it's Luxembourg!) in Luxembourg, or post-Soviet industrial centers famous for manganese ferro-alloy processing plants! Fun!

I've never been to Maribor, but it's the 2012 European Capital of Culture, so I'm sure it's super. I HAVE been to Thun, and it's awesome. Have YOU ever been there? I think NOT! Expand your horizons, silly man.

Did you know the sun never sets in Iceland during the summer? Never. Sets. The Sun.

Never. The Sun.

Never. Sets.

The SUN!!

Oh god.

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