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Want some good news? Milos Krasic denied Chelsea were after him in January

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Remember back in January when everybody was up in arms that we'd do something stupid like spend actual money on Milos Krasic? If the player himself is to be believed, that was just paper talk. According to Krasic himself:

There were many rumours about interest from Chelsea, but there was no contact with them and no offer. It was just paper talk.

I'm still not completely against the idea of Krasic if we're shipping out a fairly useless part in return, as he at least gives us a traditional winger for the bench. That said, Krasic seems to be making a lot of noise about not playing much at Juventus, and he certainly wouldn't see any sort of increased time here. Luckily for us, it doesn't look like there's any interest anyway.

This should once again reinforce the fact that 99% of the information run in the tabloids about Chelsea's business dealings are just speculation. There have been stories circulating this morning about some contact with Cavani, and we should probably treat those all with fairly equal skepticism. I have a hard time believing that it would be leaked to the media that we've been in contact with Cavani before we come to any sort of arrangement with the club.

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