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Chelsea Sign Professional Paperweight To New Deal

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If I had a section of the website that was called 'What? Why?!' this news would be in it. Chelsea have confirmed that they've signed Portuguese goalkeeper Henrique Hilario to a new one-year contract. The 36-year-old's previous deal was scheduled to run out in the summer, much to the relief of many, but he's now under contract through the end of the 2012/13 season for reasons I can't entirely comprehend.

That's nothing against Hilario, who is a decent (but flawed) goalkeeper. It's just almost entirely pointless to keep him around - he takes up an international squad spot, virtually never plays, isn't very good and is infinitely expendable. Realistically, the only reason I can think of to sign him up for another year would be if there's interest from elsewhere in acquiring him (which would be pretty funny in its own right) and Chelsea want some money to sell him. Otherwise... I really don't get it.

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