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Chelsea Vs. Napoli: Pre-Game Thread

Well at least Chelsea won't lose the YMCO dance off.
Well at least Chelsea won't lose the YMCO dance off.

So. Chelsea play Napoli today. They're two goals ahead, so this isn't going to be very easy. I've written a lot about Napoli over the past couple of weeks - see my tactical preview from the first leg as well as my feature on how they've been wildly underestimated all season - and DPeezy's got a preview up already, so you should go read those if you're super-starved for material.

I did, however, finally figure out what playing against this team reminds me of...

Yeah, Napoli might look like a half-built space station, but the shields are up, the superlaser is fully operational, and you can bet your sweet ass that there are enemy ships in Sector 47.

So how do we beat them? The answer's simple. A clean sheet and a little help from our little buddy Juan.


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