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As If Napoli Needed More Of An Advantage When They Come To Stamford Bridge...

Fortunately he dissolves in rain and will not last long in England.
Fortunately he dissolves in rain and will not last long in England.

...the Partenopei now have their manager back as well. Walter Mazzarri had been banned for two European matches after being sent off during Napoli's final group stage game against Villarreal, but an appeal by the club to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has resulted in the second game being dropped, meaning he's free to lead Napoli from the touchline against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

How much of a hindrance will that be? Obviously, having a manager around is a good thing, but Napoli will play in a broadly similar fashion no matter whether or not Mazzarri's around. Where this does get irritating is if the game is moving towards the latter stages and is still in the balance - having Mazzarri there will give Napoli that extra tactical advantage they might not have had if he were off in the stands or watching on television.

I'm not entirely sure why the ban was overturned, because that shove on Nilmar was definitely worthy of a red card, but hey. If we're going to beat Napoli tomorrow, may as well do it the hard way, right?

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