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Chelsea News and Links: Tuesday 13th March

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Let's hope Ivanovic is in a similar mood when he has to mark Lavezzi on Wednesday.
Let's hope Ivanovic is in a similar mood when he has to mark Lavezzi on Wednesday.

Two days to go until the17932th "Final" that Chelsea will play this year! It seems like every second game has been a 'must win' to save our season from crisis, but what do you know? This time it's actually seriously, absolutely, most definitely 'the' must-win game of our season. In all seriousness there's a lot of stories to get through today, so...

Chelsea related...

Torres issue is 'psychological' | Sky Sports

He has a psychological problem and only Fernando can unlock it.

I still don't get why the club hasn't got a psychiatrist to see Torres, if all this is true. Fascinating quotes from Di Matteo, as he doesn't seem to sugarcoat anything - just says the situation like it is. How refreshing.

Didier Drogba puts on charity ball | Mail Online
The Torres joke was already mentioned in the comments on here sometime yesterday, and it seems this is the full story, with added photos of the Premier League's best black strikers. As you'd expect from Drogba's Charity Ball.

Ezequiel Lavezzi heads to Chelsea with his – and Napoli's – confidence soaring | Paolo Bandini | Football |
In case you hadn't worked out Lavezzi was a good player when Chelsea travelled to Naples, here's a decent read that confirms that fact.

Carlos Tévez eyeing a place in Manchester City's Premier League squad to face Chelsea after tough fitness regime - Telegraph
This is kind of really annoying.

More football links after the jump

David Moyes v Harry Redknapp: a tactical breakdown | Michael Cox |
Moyes is one of the managers widely tipped to take over from Di Matteo at the end of the season, and Michael Cox gives some food for thought on the Scotsman's abilities. Warning: link leads to photo of Harry Redknapp. I am going to be really mean here and insert a link to a piece I wrote about Gareth Bale here.

Sir Alex Ferguson eyes Eden Hazard as potential heir to Paul Scholes' midfield throne - Telegraph
Another wide player, Ferguson? While Scholes is still being relied upon in your centre midfield?

Liverpool's widening fault lines give Everton their derby opening | Kevin McCarra | Football | The Guardian
As distracted as we have been by the Andre Villas-Boas saga, we haven't had the time to properly appreciate Liverpool completely capitulating in the league after winning the most 'eh' trophy available. Don't worry, if you can't work out why picking out a punch of average players and having them be an average team doesn't work, I've sorted out the problems at Liverpool in another article at The Football Project. (Yes, that was a shameless self-plug. I apologize).

BBC Sport - Lionel Messi feels Pep Guardiola is Barcelona's main man

It would be very difficult to find another coach who can achieve everything he has and who would make this team play the way he does. This is his team.

Arsenal announces new Rosicky deal - The Short Fuse
I could be way off the mark here, but isn't it funny that a couple of good performances can immediately mask dozens of mediocre ones?

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