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David Luiz Commits Grave Sin Of Calling Out Frank Lampard Only Actually Doesn't

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David Luiz caused quite a scandal this week - and I don't mean with his defending against Bosnia for Brazil (although that was really really bad). According to the rags, the centre back has criticised Frank Lampard for fighting against the reign of Andre Villas-Boas:

No one has to be someone's father or son in a football club. There are no privileged people there. He [Lampard] simply has to listen to the coach when he gives orders and take them. No player can forget that they are just an employee of the club.

-David Luiz. Source: O Jolo* via ESPN Soccernet.


No matter whose side you take in this argument, I think everyone can recognise that calling out your teammates specifically is... well, unwise. If David Luiz had actually criticised Frank Lampard, I wouldn't be very happy with it at all. As charming as he is, he has absolutely no right to tell the likes of Lampard and the rest of the ANCIENT GUARD OF UNBELIEVABLE OLDNESS what to do.

But the quotes never actually mention Lampard. And then a few hours later we get this:

This is media,Frank know me,and I never said about him! I said generaly! I only talked about coaches and players in general. Always CFC
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