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Chelsea News and Links: Thursday 1st March

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I find international weeks more interesting than most, because you can get a measure of how good your players are in different environments. This was the case with Daniel Sturridge, who got some meaningful game time against Holland after replacing Steven Gerrard in the 33rd minute. Sky Sports is reporting that Danny has only suffered a bruising toe (meaning the rumours of a broken foot were, as suspected, most likely fabricated). Sturridge wasn't interested in talking about the injury, instead wanting to chat about his hopes for Euro 2012.

"It's my second game for the country. I've got three months now with the club to put my best foot forward and work very hard for my club to make sure I get on the plane."

More links:

Carlo Ancelotti tells Chelsea to give Andre Villas-Boas time - ESPN
The ex-Chelsea boss is talking about his old club again, but it's really inconsequential - nothing he says is anymore different to the views of many, and I'm pretty sure Carlo's said the same thing to the media before.

Words With The Medical Department -
It's always interesting when the club talks to someone or something you don't hear much from, and in this case, it's the medical staff. We've been dealt a pretty reasonable hand on the injury front this year, and it's extremely interesting to see the connection between this and the work done in improving the medical department. NB: The head of physio mentioned, Jason Palmer, is not a relation, unfortunately.

Gary Cahill goalscorer disappointed to throw it away - England 2-3 Holland - YouTube
It seems like Gary Cahill hasn't actually had the chance to talk to the press about a win since he's joined Chelsea...

Walter Mazzarri Builds A Better Mousetrap With Napoli -
Graham not only took a hilarious look at Scott Parker's England captaincy debut but also had a look at our Champions League opponents, Napoli, and takes a look at the tactical paradox they present. Definitely worth a read.

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