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John Terry Captaincy Row Sparks Fabio Capello's Resignation As England Boss

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The John Terry racism saga has taken another bizarre turn today as Fabio Capello has resigned from his position as England manager. Capello had recently protested the Football Association's decision to strip John Terry of the England captaincy after his trial for the alleged racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand was set for July - without consulting him - and it was pretty clear that neither the manager nor the FA were particularly thrilled with the situation.

While the FA are painting this as a fairly amicable separation, quotes attributed to the now-former manager portray a very different story, with Capello apparently claiming that he was insulted and undermined as manager and that removing Terry from the captaincy was the height of hypocrisy. Remember, this all came about from someone watching a Youtube video of John Terry shouting at Anton Ferdinand and reporting it to the police. It's astonishing that something so relatively small has managed to bring down both England's captain and her manager on top of that. What a crazy day.

It is, obviously, highly unlikely that whoever ends up managing the country (the hot favourite is, of course, Harry Redknapp) will be unlikely to reinstate Terry as captain. Hopefully this is all the push him needs to recover from international football and focus on Chelsea.

Crazy day.

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