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The Madness of Midweek International Friendlies / Scott Parker's Hair / Open Thread

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Lots of Chelsea players (and even more players from other teams) are in action tonight for their respective countries. This of course makes just as much sense as Raul Meireles's hair...but hey. Such is life. Discuss away.

Which one will give in first? Scott Parker's hair gel or Robin van Persie's groin? OH THE DRAMA!!

Here's the England line-up for their match versus the Netherlands tonight, which I presume is the one most of us will be following:

Hair Club for Men (4-3-3): Joe Hart - Micah "Yey, somebody finally picked me" Richards, Chris Smalling, not John Terry, not Ashley Cole - Not the New Captain; World War I Flying Ace (C), Gareth Barry - Adam Johnson, Danny Welbeck, Ashley Young