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And Now Jose Mourinho Shows Up In London

Things that make life more exciting (a non-comprehensive list): David Luiz, fireworks and Jose Mourinho sightings. London got the latter today when the Special One himself turned up, and what looked like a silly rumour at first gained instant credibility when just about everyone posted photos of themselves with the Real Madrid manager. Here's one from @CarefreeJD:

Yep. That's him all right. If you poke around, you'll find plenty more photos of Mourinho posing with the locals, so unless there's been a Photoshop epidemic in the streets of London that I'm unaware of, it's safe to say that he was definitely visiting. But what was he doing? According to Ian McGarry, he was house hunting, but since McGarry said it it's probably not true at all.

This whole thing is going to inflame the passions of those who want to bring Mourinho back to Stamford Bridge, but the simple fact of the matter is that we don't really know what's going on, and to make assumptions about the future based on him turning up on a random Tuesday is silly. Speculation is fun though, so here's my guess: Mourinho is trolling us. Because it's funny.

It's what I would do.

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