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T-Shirt Ideas For Mario Balotelli

If you were paying attention to the late Premier League match today, you saw Manchester City crush Blackburn Rovers at the Etihad Stadium. The first scorer was Mario Balotelli, and he had a message for the viewers. In a stunt reminiscent of the famed 'Why Always Me ?' incident, Balotelli celebrated his goal by revealing his undershirt, upon which was printed the above amusing message which demonstrated self-awareness and a sense of humour about the whole being Mario Balotelli thing. What edgy and hilarious comment had the maverick Italian come up with this time?

"Raffaella Ti Amo"

That turns out to be Italian for 'I love you, Raffaella', which is about as edgy as a fifteen-year-old on Facebook after his first kiss. Where's the hilarious malcontent we've come to know and love?

Mario clearly needs some help, so I've decided to Paint up some shirts for him to use the next time he scores. Masterpieces, each and every one:

Hope those help, Mario. Much love!

(Before anyone asks, those're Einstein's field equations, describing the effects of gravity on space-time in general relativity. Mario is very big on education.)

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