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John Terry To Have Knee Operation

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Bad news everyone. While we weren't expecting John Terry to be back from his knee injury for Chelsea's match against Napoli or anything, nobody was expecting a long-term absence. Well, we may very well be getting one:

John Terry out tonight's #CFC game. Knee operation this week
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Well that's not good at all. Although Terry takes a lot of flank for being 'past it' and 'slow', those descriptions don't do his defending any real justice. He's been very good for the past two years, and there's a real downgrade between him and Gary Cahill, who will presumably partner David Luiz in his absence.

For a while, we thought that Chelsea might be missing Terry for an extended period because of the racial abuse claims from October, but even though that trial got pushed to the summer we're getting a longish term absence anyway. When it rains, it pours, I suppose. We'll get the details as they come - hopefully this is minor. Early guesstimates seem to be between one and two months out.