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Is Ryan Bertrand In The Champions League Squad?

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Chelsea rather notoriously neglected to include both Ryan Bertrand and Romelu Lukaku on their Champions League squad to start the season, and that's led to some confusion as to who exactly will be available to Andre Villas-Boas against Napoli. With Ashley Cole possibly missing out thanks to a calf injury, it'd be nice if the manager had a choice beyond Jose Bosingwa at left back (if only to give us something to complain about).

Turns out he probably does. Like the Premier League's 25-man squad, we got to do things over again in January, and the departures of Alex and Nicolas Anelka have given Chelsea some wiggle room. From the UEFA website, it looks as though both Ryan Bertrand and Gary Cahill have been added to the squad, with Lukaku still not making it in. There's no official squad list anywhere - the one on still lists Alex, Anelka, Josh McEachran and Kaby, but it certainly didn't have Bertrand on the roster beforehand (and still omits Lukaku) so I think we can be fairly confident that he's in. Yay!

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