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Is This Chelsea's New Home Kit?

This is always a fun time of year - new kits are being leaked left and right, and it looks like we're getting our first look at Chelsea's 2012/13 home shirts. Check it out:

via @NigelLim

Now, it's always possible that this is faked up, but as I said, it's about the time of year for these things to be coming out, and it looks a lot like the previous (really terrible) mockups of our potential home kits. I'm inclined to think it's legitimate.

Anyway, it's a lot like the 2010/11 homes, with red around the arms as well as the next and a diagonal striping that will probably end up pretty close to invisible. I quite like details that aren't immediately apparent on football shirts - they make it look most interesting from up close without being gaudy on television, etc, but I've never been a fan of red on Chelsea kits. What think the rest of you?

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