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Hazard Watch: And Now He Wants To Play For Arsenal

I'm not sure whether this is news or comedy, and I won't tell you this is the latter in case you don't laugh. Make your own assumptions! Anyway, Eden Hazard, who 'according to reports' had, about a week ago, worked out a deal to join Tottenham Hotspur this summer, is now talking about how much he'd love to join Arsenal. The boy gets around, doesn't he?

There are several clubs that interest me in England and Arsenal is really a part. Of course, it's always more fun when the football is beautiful. In addition, at Arsenal, there is a French coach and French players, as well as my compatriot Thomas Vermaelen.

-Eden Hazard. Source: Foot Sport via ESPN Soccernet.

At this point I think it's pretty clear that Hazard has narrowed his field down to the top tier of Premier League teams and having done so is yet to make a decision. And what better way of amusing yourself when you've yet to decide where you're ending up than by throwing little morsels to the football media, who'll fight over every crumb like so many ravenous seagulls*?

*Hopefully nobody loses an eye to a beak jab. Seagulls can be vicious little bastards.

We know a few things. Hazard is leaving LOSC in the summer. He's coming to the Premier League. He wants to play for a top team, he wants regular starts and we can assume he also wants to be paid like a minor prince. Until Lille actually start talking to teams though, we have no idea which one of the top six sides he'll end up on, and his rather coy hints as to his destination appear to be mostly for his own amusement. So don't take the Hazard rumours seriously until the summer, ok? No more freaking out?

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