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Everton Vs. Chelsea, Reaction: >:(

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That was complete and utter dross. What more does anyone want to say? Everton were a better team, and we were abysmal. Chelsea did nothing in attack except ping in terrible crosses, the centrebacks were exposed by awful play from the central midfielders and the fullbacks, and it looked like we were playing down a man for more or less the entirety of the second half.

Most of the team completely failed to show up. Fernando Torres was once again complete and utter crap. Juan Mata decided that the aerial route was the way to go for some stupid reason. I don't know what the hell Daniel Sturridge was doing, but despite it being energetic it wasn't particularly useful. Ashley Cole was so bad his injury came as something of a relief (and at least Ryan Bertrand was good).

This isn't acceptable. Dropped points and losses are fine but this sort of performance is not. This was an embarrassment, and if Andre Villas-Boas makes a single peep about how it wasn't a fair result he deserves to be kicked in the nuts repeatedly. You're a motivator, right? So [fun]ing motivate!

2-0. God.

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