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Linkroll: On Chelsea and FFP

Devin is slammed and I'm sick (laryngitis). That being said, we're not sure a preview of Everton will be making an appearance prior to the match. Apologies. What we do have for you, however, are some excellent pieces on Chelsea's finances.

Someone asked us about the recent release of our financials for the year (June 2010-June 2011). I was prepping a piece, but then I came across all these fantastic works by other bloggers this week and asked: Why should I compile the data when these guys have already done so and likely have done it better than I ever would have been able to?

Good question.

The andershed blog was the first to release a piece on our financial situation. Check it here. The superb We Ain't Got No History followed with another insightful article focusing on FFP rules, which you can read here. And, to round it all out, the legendary Swiss Ramble dropped one of their always insanely thorough reads today. Peep it round here.

It appears, as we thought, that the club is moving in the right direction. Let us know what you think.

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