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The Manchester Derby / Agent of Fairness AVB / Sunday Premier League Open Thread

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Today is Sunday, December 9th. This is your open thread.

Agent Mancini, cover name Tutu
Agent Mancini, cover name Tutu
Clive Brunskill

This is the BIG one for this weekend. City versus city; City vs. United; united they cannot stand. A City victory would keep Chelsea just seven ("just" seven, he says) points off of first place. So let's go home team! The festivities start at 8:30 A.M. EST.

Later, Agent AVB leads his battalion of fairness and cosmic justice to do battle at Everton's Goodison Park (10 A.M. EST), while the other half of Liverpool pay their old pals Andy Carroll (injured) and Yossi Benayoun (not injured) a visit in West Ham (11 A.M. EST).

So many juicy story lines! Discuss.