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Ashley Cole named to England Player of the Year shortlist

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"Danny Welbeck? Hahahaha"
"Danny Welbeck? Hahahaha"
Laurence Griffiths

Super-duper incredible Chelsea news today. You won't believe your eyes!

I didn't even know that there was an 'England player of the year' award (although now that I think about it I'm just going to go ahead and assume that Scott 'Scottie' Parker won it last year), and so it's difficult to figure out how much I care now. Shows how much attention I pay to the FA.

Anyway, good for Ashley Cole, I guess, but that's not exactly prestigious company he's in. Presumably it's for play in an England shirt, which explains the sparse pickings in terms of the shortlist -- it's not as though the Three Lions set the world alight in 2012.

Hopefully Cole wins, but it's difficult not to stifle a yawn at this one either way. Unless Danny Welbeck nicks it, in which case I'll be too busy laughing to feel sleepy.