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Hulk links to Chelsea in January are lazy 'journalism' at its finest

Lousy websites and newspapers will write about the inevitable move of Hulk to Chelsea in January, but it's just a dumb thing to write.


Hulk was upset when he was subbed out of Zenit's game yesterday. Hulk plays in Russia, and Russia is cold. Zenit are out of the Champions League. Hulk is a very good football player that is still probably suited for a better league. All four of these things are fact, and because of that, many rumors are sure to start about an impending move coming in January.

Chelsea have reportedly shown interest in the past, therefore he seems a very easy "story" for lousy writers to write about. Nobody should be surprised then, that those rumors started today. Via the Express:

Chelsea are on standby for Hulk after the Brazilian forward claimed last night he could leave Zenit St Petersburg in January.

Well, there it is. It can't be much plainer than that. Makes sense, right? Chelsea need help in attack, and Hulk would be a good addition in January. The problem is, he wouldn't.

UEFA rules allow up to three teams to hold a player's registration during the course of a season, and they allow a player to actually suit up for only two of those three teams. Hulk has already played official games for both Porto and Zenit this season, meaning that he can't play an official game for another team until after the 2012/13 season ends. Chelsea could buy him in January should they so choose, but they couldn't play him until next season.

I'm sure later today we'll see more and more wonderful stories about Hulk joining the reigning European champions in January, but you can pretty much rest assured that stories are all they are. Hulk to Chelsea in January won't happen, largely because it can't.

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