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Poll: Avram Grant or Rafa Benitez

Rumors are circulating tonight about Avram Grant and Chelsea, so we're going to let you vote.

Clive Rose

AT this point I honestly think Roman Abramovich is simply trolling Chelsea fans. Both The Guardian and The Daily Mail have reported this evening that the club is considering bringing back Avram Grant in a consulting capacity, feeling that he'll be able to help Rafa adapt to top-level management before Chelsea's season goes completely in the tank.

Usually I wouldn't put too much stock into this, but the Mail has been on a roll with the whole Di Matteo/Benitez/Grant situation up to this point like they rarely have in the past. Largely because of that, I'm willing to believe at this point that the club may actually be considering it.

With that in mind, I've decided a little poll would be fun. The articles hint that Grant may be a bit of Rafa insurance, so I'm curious exactly how everyone feels about that. Do you dislike Rafa Benitez strongly enough that you'd be willing to see him replaced by former boss Avram Grant, or would you prefer to see the ship sink under the weight of Rafa Benitez? Vote in the poll, and discuss away.

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