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The agent of Islam Feruz has been in contact with other clubs

Sky Sports has some quotes from the agent of Islam Feruz that are sure to go over poorly with Chelsea fans

Clive Brunskill

Most of you that read WAGNH regularly are familiar with the existence of Islam Feruz. The Scottish youth international has been excellent for both the youth and reserve squads in the last 18 months, and is probably reaching the point in his development where he's ready to head out on loan. Sky Sports had some quotes from his agent today that may not endear him to Chelsea fans though, possibly agitating for a move or a raise in pay:

"I have made contact with various clubs who all want the player, but he is currently at Chelsea and he wants to make his name at the club. The problem we have is that we don't quite know whether Chelsea feel the same."

It's probably worth noting here that Feruz is only at Chelsea in the first place because he has an agent that operates like this habitually. He signed a three-year contract when he first joined the club, so he's not free to leave Chelsea until after the 2013/14 season ends.

In all likelihood, this is just his agent making noise and pushing for a raise in pay. Chelsea are not in a position where they need to make a decision immediately, and I'd assume that they wait to offer Feruz any sort of new contract until they see how he does on loan.

Feruz should definitely not be considered an option for the Chelsea first team at this point, as promising as he is, he's nowhere near that caliber yet. He's probably not developed enough to push for minutes at any relegation level clubs, so I'd take this noise from his representation with a huge grain of salt. He's definitely one to keep an eye on in January though, as he's probably ready for a temporary move to the lower levels of English football.

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