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The Rafalution will be televised / Hangover Sunday / Premier League & FA Cup Open Thread

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It took just a week for the new manager to drop out of 100% job security. Well done. That's gotta be a new record, right?

Down.  And out.
Down. And out.
Jamie McDonald




We've been a bit light on content over the last day or so and the number of comments on the initial reactions thread are starting to reach critical mass. So here's a clean & open thread to keep you going, to help keep us all going towards some sort of recovery. Hopefully.

There's also a light sprinkling of football on this Sunday of Doom, with one Premier League (Norwich City vs. Sunderland at 11 A.M. EST) and two FA Cup early round matchups. The MK Dons - Wimbledon clash of the latter variety should be a fun one - with all the sordid history that's inherent in that tie - if you manage to find it on a screen near you, that is (and if you're an early riser: kick off at 7:30 A.M. EST on Fox Soccer; ITV in the UK).


(Also, congrats to David Beckham, who goes out on a high note. AND he won a second championship!)