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Lucas Piazon clarifies his comments after the Club World Cup

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Lucas Piazon cleared up some translation issues about his comments on Sunday.

Clive Brunskill

Lucas Piazon had some comments earlier about the desire shown by his teammates in the Club World Cup, although there were some obvious questions about them being somewhat lost in translation. uckily, Piazon has come to the rescue, telling us exactly what he meant:

At this point I'd have to say this is a good thing, although I can't say that I would have disagreed too much with the original translation. Chelsea didn't look like they gave a damn today, and Corinthians certainly did. Corinthians deserved to win the Club World Cup, and Rafa Benitez really should have known there were players on the pitch that cared less than some on the bench. Hopefully these comments don't see Piazon benched against Leeds.

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