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Lucas Piazon and Oscar upset after CWC loss

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Are you upset at Chelsea losing to Corinthians in the Club World Cup final? Not as upset as Lucas Piazon!

Faltou muita coisa para a gente, e principalmente, a vontade de ser campeão. Acho que o Ramirez, o David Luiz, só os brasileiro foram os únicos que se empenharam ao máximo, deram a raça, e por isso estão tristes.

Faltou caráter*, amor à camisa. Ninguém quis jogar bola. Isso é coisa da cabeça dele, não posso criticar. Pelo menos o Oscar tentou. Não vou especificar, mas o time entrou sem vontade. Não pode entrar em uma final sem vontade de jogar, isso é inadmissível.

-Source: UOL Esporte.

*'Character', which Piazon's PR rep is now denying he said.

Some Google Translate-foo gives us the following:

We were missing a lot, most importantly the desire to by Champions. I think Ramires and David Luiz strove to the utmost, gave it all and therefore are sad.

We lacked character, and love for the shirt. Nobody wanted to play. That is mental; I can not criticise. At least Oscar tried. I will not specify who did not, but the team came unwillingly. Do not get in a final unwilling to play, that's unacceptable.

I don't really get the 'I can not criticise' bit, but hey, the gist is pretty clear. Piazon is not a happy camper. The Brazilian players really wanted to win this competition, and while the rest gave lip-service to the idea of picking up the trophy the Club World Cup has nothing like the emotional resonance with European fans as it does the South Americans.

So why not let them play in the match? Even if the club didn't really care about it (and the fact that we had to say that we cared about the competition is evidence that we did not -- imagine being asked if we really wanted to win the Premier League!), there are players on the team for whom this represents a massively important moment in their career. Piazon not playing is understandable, but the fact that, say, Oscar was on the bench is kind of mind-boggling.

Oh, and speaking of Oscar:

There aren't a whole lot of reasons for a Chelsea player to have cared about this match. But when there are members of the squad who would have played their hearts out and they don't even get a chance... that's a bit sad. The solution, of course, is to come up with a tournament worth winning, not just for the Brazilians, but for everyone. Ball's in your court, FIFA.

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