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Sam Hutchinson sheds some light on his most recent injury

Sam Hutchinson had some comments about his most recent injury, and unfortunately it doesn't sound like his treatment has been helping.

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Andy Marlin

Sam Hutchinson has been out of action for a while, but he had some comments today that helped to shed some light on his situation. Apparently he wasn't suffering from the same injury that had previously forced him to retire, but instead was struggling with the treatment received from Chelsea (via the Telegraph):

"It has been an incredibly frustrating time for me. I went back to Chelsea and had an injection which they thought would clear up over the October international break but it has taken a lot longer."

"I know people were probably looking at my situation and thinking that I’d broken down again, that my old knee injury was playing up again but that wasn’t the case."

"This lay-off wasn’t caused by an injury but by an injection that was quite intrusive and although it will have long-term benefits in the short-term it has proved problematic, which is not what I needed as I was desperate to play games."

Hopefully Hutch is correct in his assessment of the injury, and he'll be fit enough to return to the pitch shortly. It's definitely a setback though, even if it isn't the same problem that has been plaguing him over the last several years.

Forest are rumored to be considering other options if the fullback isn't back to playing soon, as they really don't have any need to be paying a player that isn't helping them on the pitch. What they do during the January transfer window will be worth watching, although I'd doubt it will be too difficult to find Hutchinson a new home when he's healthy. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for more, and hope Hutch gets well soon.

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