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Paulinho-watch open thread

We'll be facing one of these two teams, and linked to one of these players until he leaves Brazil. Discuss away...

Lintao Zhang

This is an odd time for an open thread, but there is a game going on that should be of interest* to all Chelsea fans. Al-Alhy FC will be facing Corinthians in a bit with the winner heading for the final. The losing team will also play another game, as they'll head to the third place game on Sunday.

*Possibly very moderate interest

Chelsea will face Monterrey tomorrow at about this time, and the winner of that game will face the winner from today. Most would expect that team to be Corinthians, as they are a far better team than Al-Ahby. Surprising things do happen though, just ask any Arsenal fan about playing a near full strength 11 against Bradford.

Most Chelsea fans should also be paying close attention to the center of the pitch, as Paulinho will certainly be the focus of Michael Emenalo and the scouting staff. He's probably the best player in this tournament that won't already be wearing Chelsea blue, and he's quite possibly good enough to walk straight into Chelsea's starting 11. What the future holds for him is yet to be seen, but he's most definitely worth watching closely.

As always, keep it clean and civil, and please don't link to or direct to illegal streams. If you need a way to watch the game, you'll need to find it elsewhere. Enjoy...

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