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The absolutely must see run by Josh McEachran

I could watch this move all day.

Barry Pells

We do a loan roundup here every week, but sometimes something happens on loan that is just too ridiculous to wait until Monday afternoon to post. Today, we had one of those events. Josh McEachran got the start for Middlesbrough in the center of the midfield, and boy did he make the most of it. He was great throughout the first half (the game is still in progress as I write this), but his overall performance can be summed up in a single gif:

There's just not a whole lot to say about that other than WOW! That's the kind of run that Lionel Messi only rarely pulls off, and we just saw it from a teenager plying in a much deeper central midfield role. It's just a shame that he didn't finish the chance with a goal, as that would have likely been the goal of the season in Europe.

In case you had forgotten just how good Josh McEachran is, this should serve as a not so gentle reminder. Wow. Just...Wow.

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