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Fluminense confirm that Wallace is likely heading to London

We had some unconfirmed reports that Chelsea had reached a deal for Wallace earlier in the week, but Fluminense management have confirmed that a deal is very close.

Chelsea players are excited about signing Wallace
Chelsea players are excited about signing Wallace
Scott Heavey

Thursday brings us some news that should make most of us smile. We have known for some time that we had some of the rights to Fluminense's young fullback, Wallace. The club have confirmed today that a deal is close, with both the manager and sporting director commenting on the situation. Here's what Abel Braga (the manager) had to say about his young star:

"Wallace has been negotiated for a long time. He is a player that has impressed. Do you think people abroad sign someone based on one game? They watch a player for two, three months - sometimes even a year. They are taking a great player and Fluminense are completely right in selling him."

Rodrigo Caetano (the sporting director) also had an update on the negotiations, having the following to add:

"I can't deny there are ongoing negotiations with Chelsea, but the deal isn't done yet, we still have exchange documents. And there is a non-disclosure agreement clause, and in case the information leaks, the deal might not happen. Let's hope this problem doesn't prevent the deal from happening."

Obviously the fact that a deal is close has leaked, but based on the fact that it came out in the Brazilian press, I'd wager that the leak did not come from Chelsea. At this point I'd have a hard time seeing anything that could derail this deal, as it sounds as if the fee is agreed and there is just some paperwork to be done.

I'd expect this deal to be finalized over the next several days, and it sounds as if Wallace will remain with Fluminense for the time being. Chelsea fans will have opportunities to see him though, as the South American U20 championships get underway in early January. 2013 is a U20 World Cup summer as well, and Wallace is likely to start for Brazil (as is Lucas Piazon).

Even after Wallace leaves Flu, there will still be reason for Chelsea fans to follow the club. Up next...Ronan.

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