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Pep Guardiola remains undecided over future, will start negotiating with clubs in January

Martin Rose

There's been a lot of Pep Guardiola to Chelsea chat recently, which we've mostly been ignoring around these parts. That's partially to do with the fact that I suspected it was all nonsense and partially to do with the fact that I'm pretty lazy. Thankfully, I've been vindicated on the first point, which means I can pretend it was insight all along! Hurray!

Pep Guardiola has not yet chosen Chelsea as his next club. You can tell, because his agent is going fishing for job offers:

I want to clarify one thing, Pep will not talk with anyone until January.

He does not want to know anything about the future, nor about Chelsea, City, Paris Saint-Germain, Milan or Roma.

Neither (does he want to know) about Chile, Brazil and all the national teams the press have done during this period. He is now in New York and he wants a free mind.

-Josep Maria Orobitg, Guardiola's agent. Source: Sky Sports.

You should probably read that as:

Dear [team listed below]

Mr. Guardiola will be talking to Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Roma, Chile and Brazil in January. Please be prepared for a major bidding war if you would like my client's services. Thank you.

In other words, nothing's happened yet, nor will it happen for a few months. If you see any more 'Pep Guardiola wants to go to Chelsea because Oscar is amazing' posts (I'm paraphrasing there, but that was basically the gist of them), ignore. For now.

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