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Null Pointers / Daylight Spending Time / Sunday Open Thread

Today is Sunday, November 4th. This is your open thread.

Valerio Pennicino

Daylight savings has now ended in the United States, so we're back on normal time-difference with everybody else. If you're in the States like I am, I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep and filled it with dreams of a world where the hail only fell on football players named Hernandez. Grrr...PABLO!!

The cure for the hangover from the paradigm shift of yesterday's lead change at the top of the Premier League comes at you in the form of two matches filled with the potential for comedy gold. First, with the early kickoff at 8:30 AM EST, it's winless QPR versus...wait for it...winless Reading! I hope this ends in a draw. The second match, at 11 AM EST, is a clash of might be giants Liverpool & Newcastle - although nowadays they're more like bit players in the comedy stylings of Being: Mid-Table.

It's a fairly lazy Sunday across the rest of Europe's leagues as well, although the potential paradigm shift coming in Italy may be worth watching. On the heels of Internaziole's massive 3-1 win over Juventus - ending the host's 49-match unbeaten streak in the league - Napoli (home of personal favorites Marek Hamsik and Edinson Cavani) will get a chance to jump back into the early title race as they take on the lesser lights of Turin: Torino FC.


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