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Roberto Di Matteo laments a few lamentable things in a lamentable draw

A whole bucket-load of lamentable things from a lamentable 90 minutes in Wales.

Laurence Griffiths

Saturday's result was certainly not what the doctor ordered. The symptoms of yet another winter of discontent remain strong and ominous. Not sure if at all possible, but Tuesday's Champions League tie has become even more important now - not to mention, the string of tough fixtures that are still to follow.

Chelsea held a slim yet seemingly comfortable 1-0 lead late, only for Juan Mata's ex-roommate Pablo Hernandez to snatch it away. Pablo was by far Swansea's biggest threat so it's lamentable that the Chelsea defense allowed him space to waltz through and fire at an unsighted Petr Cech. That brings the lamentable total to 10 lamentable goals in the four lamentable matches that John Terry has, lamentably, missed.

At the back we didn't conceded (sic) too much up against their strikers but the one time we did give them space we were punished.


Di Matteo may be putting on a brave face here having previous admitted that individual mistakes have been made. Oh, and speaking of Juan Mata (from the previous paragraph), his absence was also lamentable:

He is an influential player for us, especially in the form he is in, but Eden Hazard was fantastic for us today and Oscar did well also. The players who played gave everything.


In addition to praising the two active & playing members of the Triumvirate, Di Matteo acknowledged Victor Moses's positive contributions (for the second straight match!) as well as giving the usual coddle to one Fernando Torres:

Fernando played well. But maybe we did not create enough chances for him today.

-via F&H Chronicle

Et tu, Roberto?

Maybe it was the change at the top of the league table that made Roberto's head skip a beat and backtrack to last season's 'lack of service' argument?

It is a long season and it is going to be very tight. There are going to be a few teams fighting for the top but we are in touch and we are going to show how strong we are in the future.


Oh good. No permanent damage done. Unlamentably, still cool as a cucumber. Well said, Robbie D.

Up the Blues!

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