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Swansea 1 - Chelsea 1: Initial reaction and community rating form

Chelsea looked like they had done just enough to win in Wales, but a late equalizer has them ending the week without being atop the table for the first time this season.

Laurence Griffiths

It was a disappointing afternoon for Chelsea in Wales, as they had to settle for a single point in Wales. Say what you will about the "loss" last weekend, but Chelsea looked flat today and certainly didn't deserve more than a pint in this one.

Victor Moses and Cesar Azpilicueta made their first league starts for Chelsea in the game, and it's nice to see them getting some action. Here's a few thoughts in the immediate aftermath of this one:

  • Swansea sat deeper today than I've ever seen them do before. It's actually a bit nice to see, as I felt a lack of tactical flexibility hurt them at times last season.
  • I was excited to see a little more of Romeu and Mikel playing together, but I can't say I've been too impressed either time I've seen it. That said, those two haven't had the benefit of our regular back four behind them yet.
  • That first half wasn't the prettiest I've ever seen. We looked shaky at the back, and didn't create many good chances up front. Our pressing looked very good though.
  • It's nice to see Victor Moses getting his first league goal for Chelsea. He's already a favorite of mine just due to what he's gone through to get here.
  • Playing in hail can't be fun.
  • I'm getting really tired of the late goals we keep conceding. Nothing is more frustrating.
  • Everyone has games like this unfortunately, Chelsea really need to bounce back from this one with a win against Shakhtar.

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