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Wallace discusses Chelsea move

Good news everyone! Right back Wallace has more or less confirmed that he'll be joining Chelsea soon. That's almost like scoring goals, right? Right. Here's the man himself:

It’s always helpful having Brazilian team-mates playing alongside you, as they normally are settled down, so they can give you some advice and this is important, even regarding language. Now that I’m moving to London I’ll have to learn some English but they are used to this and they will surely help me a lot.

-Source: Fox Sports Brasil via Daily Mail.

The poor lad has no idea what he's getting into, however, since he hasn't really ever followed the team.

I used to follow the Spanish league and its big clubs like Real Madrid but now as I’m moving to Chelsea I’m following the club more closely, especially after the Champions League title. I watch Chelsea games whenever I can, sometimes I can’t watch because I’m playing or concentrated with my team, but I don’t miss a chance to see them playing on TV.

Don't do it Wallace. Save yourself!

I guess I should probably write more filler around the quotes because otherwise it's bad blogging form or something, but there's not a whole lot more to be said. We've more or less known Wallace was on his way for a while now, and while I have serious doubts about whether or not he'd be able to unseat Cesar Azpilicueta as Branislav Ivanovic's primary backup, it's not entirely out of the question that he sees some time with the first team this year. I imagine that'd be more fun than the torture enhanced interrogation of watching on television

Ceterum censeo Torrentem delendam esse.

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