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Chelsea vs. Fulham: Second Half Game Thread

That was a [fun]ing blast.

Mike Hewitt

To describe today's opening 45 minutes as turgid would be a disservice to the word turgid. That may be a bit harsh, but this has not been what we wanted to see in Rafa Benitez's second match in charge of the football club.

Have we been solid at the back? Sure. Well, that's a positive. But, even as the side woke up a bit as the half closed, which was good to see, this has by and large been a Chelsea even more devoid of ideas and creativity than the one that welcomed Manchester City to Stamford Bridge on Sunday. At least that team set up in search of a draw; that kind of large-scale approach to today's match is inexcusable.

I understand approaching games such as these with caution, but that, that was ponderous at best. Barely a shot, much less a shot on target, in 45 minutes. I feel like Chief Keef.

Here's to hoping for some serious improvement after the halftime interval. For now, talk amongst yourselves.

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